Tip 5/21: Google Alerts – What You Care About, As It Happens.

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Google Alerts allow you to monitor anything you care about on the web – as it happens. You can set Google Alerts for your own name, job openings and even special sales! Each time Google Alerts finds a results that matches your search query (on web pages, newspaper articles, blogs) you'll receive an email notification as it happens!

Wouldn't it be cool to get an email alert as soon as your favorite retailer offers a 50% discount on an item you've been planning to buy? Get an email when one of your clients (or competitors!) writes an article about your company? Or even… about You!

Monitor the web for interesting new content

Wondering how to set up a Google Alert? Well, it's really simple!

It’s amazing that even though this is such a powerful tool (and so simple to use), only few people actually use it. Why is that? Probably because most people just don’t know about it. The concept is very simple. You Enter a query just as if you were doing a normal Google search. Google Alerts will check regularly to see if there are new results for your query, and if there are new results – Google Alerts sends them directly to your inbox.


Google Alerts Site Search
How to set up a Google Alert for a website content

Go ahead, set up an alert!

To create a new alert, head over to google.com/alerts and enter the following information – your search query, result type (everything, news, video…), language, region, how often you want to get alerts (as it happens, daily, weekly), and finally – how many results you want to get (only the best, all results).

Alerts you can set up right now!

► What people are saying about you! (“Your Name” in the query)
► Latest articles about a developing news story.
► When a company is hiring (“Google” and “Job” and “Design”)
► What your competitors are up to.
► Monitor a developing news story.
► Follow ongoing events (World Cup, Brazil).
► New deals, promotions or coupons.
► When specific websites publish new content about a specific subjects (site:theverge “Nexus”).


How to set up a Google Alert for your own name

Suggestions for Google Alerts

If you're not sure about what types of suggestions you'd like to create, you can use the built in suggestion for Google Alerts. You'll find suggestions all sorts of topics such as News, Companies, People, Places and more


Google Alerts Suggestions

Google Alerts Suggestions People


New vs. Old Google Alerts Design

The Google Alerts homepage was recently redesigned with a more modern, clean and simple design allowing you to set up new Google Alerts or manage your current owns. Below are images of the old and new design:

Google Alerts Old Design
New Google Alerts Design
New Google Alerts Design

If you know another great use for Google Alerts, share it below!

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