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Google Chrome is by far the most popular desktop web browser with a market share of almost 50% (data by StatCounter). Chrome has tons of extensions which enhance the user experience, but there are a bunch of awesome built-in features you can use right now.

Tab to Search

One of those features is called Tab to Search, and it does exactly as the name implies. What this allows you to do is search a website directly from the Google Chrome address bar – removing the need of first accessing the website in order to use it’s search engine.

I use this all the time, and one of the best examples is for YouTube. When I search for a video on YouTube I always do it directly from the address bar, and considering the amount of times that happens – it’s a huge time saver!

How does it work?

Start typing the address of the site you'd like to search (let’s stick with YouTube for this example). Assuming you've accessed YouTube in the past (what an outrageous assumption!), Chrome will auto complete the rest of the URL as soon as you start typing.

Once you see “youtube .com” in the address bar, you can press the Tab button on your keyboard to activate the search. The URL in the address bar will then convert to a search engine saying – “Search YouTube Video Search:” which is when you type in your query and hit enter.

Animated gif showing how to use Tab To Search on Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Tab To Search in Action

Does this work for every website?

At the moment the answer is No, but it does work for many and definitely works for the big sites. Here are only a few examples of sites you can search using Tab to Search:

Google Translate (Extremely handy!)
Google Drive
The Verge, The Next Web
► And the list goes on…

Activate Google Chrome tab to search on your site:

Type + Enter to Search Google

As a side note – the Chrome address bar is also a direct path to Google’s search engine. You never actually need to go to to perform a search. Simply type your query in the address bar and hit enter. No need for the extra steps in between. Well, unless you want to see the Google Doodle of the day…!

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