Daniel Futerman New Website (2014)

If you arrived from Google+ or Twitter, you probably know me as a Google enthusiast – which is great because I plan to share many more Google related tips and posts in the future. But that's only my hobby. What I actually do for a living is create Explainer Videos, Promotional Videos, Commercial and so on. I'm a full time freelancer, and I absolutely love my job! So whether you're a Business owner, Animator, Google enthusiast, Plusser, Freelancer or anything else – you're more than welcome explore my website and hopefully find something interesting in it.

Website goals

When redesigning my website I wanted to focus on a 3 main things:

  1. Great Content.
  2. Easy Site Navigation.
  3. Clean & Modern Design.

Hopefully I've managed to accomplish those tasks, but I let you decide on that.

Who's the target Audience?


Apart from rebuilding my website from the ground up, I've also created a new logo for my freelance business and I'm currently working on a new demo reel. When designing my new log I tried to make it look modern and stylish, while not abandoning the design approach of my previous logo. You might like to read this post where I shared my thoughts about rebranding advantages / disadvantages and more.
Daniel Futerman Logo 2014 HD

Special website relaunch freebie

As promised – I have a special website relaunch gift for you. It's a free bundle with templates for the top 5 social media networks! The pack includes cover photos & profile images templates of Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn!

Download The Free Social Media Bundle Here

Enjoy and connect

It feels great to finally relaunch my new website! Hopefully you'll enjoy exploring the content. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback (good or bad) in the comment section below, and you're always welcome to get in touch for work inquiries or anything else you have in mind.

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