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Daniel Futerman // Creative in Motion

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The Plus Editor

Daniel FutermanDaniel Futerman

Have you ever asked yourself:

If you have, you’ve probably found out that it is possible, but.. it means you need to add all sorts of peculiar characters (such as * _ or -) to make the magic happen. Remember this post?

Don’t you think it’s time to change that? Shouldn’t there be an easier way to format posts on Google Plus?

Introducing “The Plus Editor”!

The Plus Editor gives you the power to create beautiful Google plus posts by using all the popular formatting features, with a simple yet extremely powerful & useful new tool!


It’s time to forget about all those annoying characters you needed to add in order to make your posts look good. How many times have you clicked on the Share Post button only to find out that you’ve forgot to add a closing * symbol and now you have to re-edit the post and publish it again? Yes.. That “Share post // Edit post // Re-publish post” routine…

So how does it work?

That’s the easy part! Simply type in your text, make it bold, italic, strikethrough, add links and even cool symbols! When you’re done, click on Convert, Copy the text & Share the post on Google Plus! You can even use keyboard shortcuts: Ctr+b, Ctr+i and so on 😉

Wondering why post formatting is so important?

There are tons of reasons. First, it will make your posts look a lot better. Second, it will drive more engagement to your posts. Third, people will find your posts easier to read. A well structured post makes a huge difference!

Check out some pro tips from:

+Roni Bincer http://bit.ly/1knGYfR,
+Mark Traphagen http://bit.ly/N7dxno,
+Rick Eliason http://bit.ly/1jD986T,
+Martin Shervington: http://bit.ly/NzlDVP,
+Dustin W. Stout http://bit.ly/1bOz8vL

The Plus Editor is also available for mobile!

Download The Plus Editor on iOS

Download The Plus Editor for Android

 What’s New with 2.0? (22/5/14):

Tons of new symbols!

►◄▲ « » < >★♥♣☺☼♫ ♪¶× √® © ™€ £ $½ ¼ ¾¿ ¡ ¢

Clear Formatting Option:

Paste text from Word, Google docs or the just from the web, and hit the Clear Formatting option. Then start formatting the post for Google Plus.

Bugfixes and performance enhancements.

All Symbols by Category:

Arrows: ►◄▲ « » < >

Fun: ★♥♣☺☼

Music: ♫ ♪ ¶

Checkmarks: × √

Corporate: ® © ™

Currency: € £ $ ¢

Measures: ½ ¼ ¾

Other: ¿ ¡

Share 🙂

Be sure to share this post with your family and friends who use Google Plus.

What do you think about this new tool? Let me know in the comment section below!

Enjoy posting beautiful & more engaging posts on Google Plus 😉

+Daniel Futerman +ThePlusEditor

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Daniel Futerman // Creative in Motion. I work from my home office, set my own hours and do business with amazing clients worldwide. Love my job. I strive to help creatives like yourself reach the next milestone of their freelance career.

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