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Tip 11/21: YouTube Playlists, Mixes and More.

Daniel FutermanDaniel Futerman
This is part of the 21 Google tips & tricks Series. Check out the other posts!

Google Tips 11 - YouTube Playlists Mixes and More

Over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (Yes, Minute)! With so much content, how are we suppose to find and arrange the things we like in a way that makes sense? The short answer is create playlists. The long answer is create playlists, but it depends if you’re a viewer or content provider.

★ If You’re a YouTube Viewer: ★

Playlists are the best way for you to organize and arrange the content you love in a meaningful and sensible way. Watched a video and really enjoyed it? Don’t let it disappear back into the YouTube sphere! Take a second and add it to a playlist. The easy way to add videos to a playlist is by either liking the video which adds it to your “liked videos” playlist, or by hitting the clock icon to have it added to your “watch later” playlist. But why not take this concept a step further? Instead of just adding all those videos to your “watch later” playlist, add them to a specific predefined playlist.

Liked Videos Playlist YouTube

The Google+ Metaphor

Think about it like this – on Google+ you organize the people you follow by adding them to predefined circles right? And you don’t add everyone you follow to only one circle do you? It’s not entirely the same, but it’s very similar. On YouTube you can organize the content you like by adding it to predefined playlists instead of just adding them all to one huge “watch later” playlist.

Google Plus Circles

In This Circle Google Plus

Ideas for playlists you can create:

► Music (my favorite – explained below).
► Work related.
► Just for fun.
► How to / Tutorials
► And more! Be creative…

Saved Playlists YouTube

Benefits of creating playlists:

► You can share playlists with the public.
► Easily access and find the content you love.
► Use as music playlists similar to Spotify or Rdio.

As an example – my wife has several music playlists set up and arranged by categories (favorites, new, uplifting and so on)!

If You’re a YouTube Video Creator:

If you’re running a YouTube channel your goal should be arranging those videos in a way that will make sense for your audience. Ask yourself – “If I would have reached this channel for the first time, would it be easy for me to understand what’s going on?” “Can people easily navigate through my channel and find the content they’re looking for?”

Examples of playlists you can create:

► Weekly episodes (great for those who host weekly shows)
► Music (arrange videos by albums, top songs)
► Hangouts on air (run HOA’s on Google+? Add them here)
► “Best of” (add your most popular videos)
► Recent uploads (automatically generated by YouTube)

Amigo Productions YouTube Channel

Playlist Options:

► Autoplay (plays videos without stopping in between)
► Shuffle (shuffles the videos in the playlist)
► Edit (add / remove songs, change playback order)

Default YouTube playlists:

► Watch later (videos added by clicking the clock icon)
► Liked videos (all videos you ever liked)
► Liked playlists (all playlists you ever liked)

Extra notes:

► You can set playlist to be public or private.
► You can share and embed playlists!
► You can search for playlists by typing a query into the search box and then filtering the results by “playlists” alone.

What are “YouTube Mixes”?

YouTube mixes are automatically generated playlists based on your search query. Since Coldplay is my favorite band, let’s use them as an example. If you search YouTube for “Coldplay” you’ll be presented with a “Coldplay YouTube Mix” right next to the video results (it looks like this: bit.ly/ColdplayMix).

Coldplay YouTube Mix

YouTube mixes generally contain either songs from only the artist you searched for, or songs from the artist and similar songs from other bands (see this blog post for more: bit.ly/YouTubeMixes)

Bonus Tip – Share YouTube videos at exact time!

You know how sometime you want to share a YouTube video but the first 5 minutes are irelevant? What you’d usually say is something like “skip to minute 5:35 for the main point”. But instead, why not share the video so it’s starts at exactly that time? It’s so simple! Click the share link and the checkbox saying “Start at:” Specific Time. To change the starting point either scroll to that point in the video or insert the timecode manually, then copy the link and share!

Start YouTube video at specific second

Daniel Futerman // Creative in Motion. I work from my home office, set my own hours and do business with amazing clients worldwide. Love my job. I strive to help creatives like yourself reach the next milestone of their freelance career.

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