Increase organic search traffic by utilizing Google Trends

People perform over 100 billion Google searches each month, want part of that traffic to reach your website?

In this post we’ll see how this one Google search tool can:

  • Transform the way you select your blog post topics.
  • Help you learn about your audience's interests.
  • Analyze which products your company should sell.
  • Find the best keywords & search terms for driving more traffic.

Use this technique to drive explosive amounts of organic search traffic to your post, e-commerce website, or blog – a key element to the successful growth of your business.

Google Trends – Write about what matters

The tool we are going to talk about today is called Google Trends. What makes Google trends so powerful is the fact that it is powered by Google – the most robust search engine in the world.

Google Trends gives you inside access to mind-blowing amounts of valuable search data and analytics, which can do wonders for your business when leveraged properly.

One of the best things about Google trends is that analyzing and researching the data is dead simple thanks to a super intuitive and friendly user interface.

To simplify matters I've divided the post into three main sections – discover, analyze & optimize. Moreover, while we are digging through the actionable productivity tips, I'll throw in a few neat tips unrelated to business, just to keep things fun and interesting.

Ready? Let’s get started.


The first and most obvious use for Google trends is discovering trending topics. I like comparing this to an online newspaper where people go to read the daily news.

When you first arrive at Google Trends, you’re presented with tons of interesting information about worldwide trending topics, and this as well is divided into two main parts – trending now and top charts.

Trending Now

As the name implies, this section presents real-time data of currently trending topics that raised significantly in terms of search volume. You can filter the results by country and by categories – all, business, politics, cities, entertainment, lifestyle, nature, science, shopping, fashion, sports, travel & leisure.

Top Charts

Top Charts highlights topics with high search volume during certain periods of time. These charts are also sorted by categories, but here they are sorted by topics as well – actors, books, business people, cars, games, movies, music, people, politics and many others.

Google Zeitgeist

At each year’s end, Google releases a video accompanied by data about the most searched topics of the year. You can view Google Zeitgeist videos back to 2004. “Zeitgeist” by the way, means “the spirit of the times.”

Analyze & Optimize

The second use of Google Trends is for analyzing data. Whether you are a blogger, salesperson, business owner or anything else involving reaching out to people, this is the best place for you to analyze and understand the interests of your audience & clients.

Blogger – Best keywords & search terms for driving more traffic.

Want to write a blog post about Wordpress? Insert “Wordpress” into the search query and filter the result to “past 7/30/90 days”. Scroll down to the Related Searches and select Top or Rising in the Queries tab. This will present top rising search queries for your search term for the date range you've selected.

Wordpress Themes Google Alerts

This is the exact data you need for making the most out of your blog. You should leverage this gold like information to get ideas about blog posts and trending topics (i.e. WordPress plugins, Free WordPress Themes).

Furthermore, if you want to take things to a whole new level, combine the results from Google Alerts together with Google's keywords planner. This will allow you to dig into the data and explore the best performing search terms, keyword competitiveness, and much much more.

Business owner– Analyze which products your company should sell.

Own a tennis equipment store? Insert “Tennis” into the search query, filter the Category Results to Shopping and set the time filter from 2004 to present. Then scroll down to the Queries tab and view the Top Queries.

Once you get an idea of the top product categories, you can refine your search even further by clicking on a particular result (e.g. Tennis Shoes). This will indicate which products within that category are most commonly searched for.

Once you know what the top products are – you can compare between multiple products (for example “Nike Tennis Shoes vs. Adidas Tennis Shoes”) to get a better understanding of what searches people are performing. This technique becomes even better with the ability to filter results by country & region which is great for local businesses.

Selling SEO related services? Test “SEO Tools” vs. “SEO Techniques” to determine which of the two phrases has more search volume. Use this data when building your business or when describing your specific services on your website.

Applying the above tactics to generate more leads

If you are serious about your business, and I sure hope you are, use the above techniques and implement them throughout your work. If you want people to visit your website and eventually make a purchase of some kind, you've got to write about topics that interest your audience.

You might be a phenomenal writer, but if people are not interested in your topics you are losing opportunities.

Google Trends is a free tool, so what are you waiting for? Use it to analyze and optimize your business for better results.

Google Organic Search Traffic 6 figure

Additional Google Trends Features

Visualize trending topics in full screen

This is definitely one of the coolest features on Google Trends. This feature allows you to visualize up to 25 trending topics simultaneously in a super minimal but beautiful way. Could probably be a fun thing to display on that boring waiting room outside your office?

Google Trends Animated

Embed trending topics

If for any reason you'd like to embed specific data from Google trends (hot trends charts or graphs), it can easily be done by clicking on the embed button <> and then embedding the html code into your website.


Even though Google trends can be used just for fun and exploration, it can also be leveraged as a super powerful tool to add to your arsenal of tools. Here's what we covered in this post, and what you should do next:

  1. Start by exploring trending topics in your niche.
  2. Move on to analyzing and researching that valuable data, test terms and keywords using the comparison tools.
  3. Optimize your website's content with the information you possess in order to drive serious amounts of genuine targeted traffic to your website.